Clicker Gatherings


These are great fun, a bunch of clicker  enthusiasts all in the same place at the same time showing each other what they have learnt and what they have taught their horses since they last saw each other.

It's an opportunity for people to help each other with any points they are stuck on and gain inspiration from the achievements of their friends. If you can bring your horse with you then that's great, if not come along on foot and have fun anyway.

This year we are running them on Saturdays. If you want to stop over Saturday night (with your horses) you are welcome and we can play some more on the Sunday. If you can only join us for one day it's the Saturday please. . There is sleeping bag space in the house and turnout/stabling for your horse if you want to  stop over for the weekend. There will be a buffet lunch.

If you can't bring a horse we may be able to find you one to play with.

There is sleeping bag space if you want to stay overnight.

These photos show some of the fun we  have had at clicker gatherings





Please contact us for details and to reserve a place