Adults are talking, please don't interrupt


This is the most important clicker lesson, if you introduce your horse to the clicker at all you MUST teach this lesson as well or you may end up with a monster in your hands (or your pocket).

The basic lesson is very simple, when we stand in the body stance that becomes a cue for this behaviour the horse has to stand politely with his head in front of you before he gets the click, if his head swings towards you then just wait it out until it moves away and then click.

This video clip shows the teaching process on a novice horse and then the finished behaviour on another horse. You can see that the duration of the behaviour before the click is given is much greater on the established horse, who also waits out food being handled and a hand in the treat pocket, both things that are normally avoided as they are tempting for the horse.



The cue we use is the way we stand with our arms crossed in front of us, the horse learns that when you stand like that clicks will be forthcoming if they stand politely. There could be any cue attached but this is a convenient one.

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