These are various links that we thought may be useful. They all open in new windows so after reading them you can just close that window/tab to return to here:-

Alex Kurland Lots of good information about Equine Clicker training including the sale of books and DVDs. There is also her list of clinic dates around the world

Oakfield Icelandics Is where we are based. We often have clicker trained Icelandics for sale.

Clicker Expo The major international clicker conference. It is held twice yearly in different US cities. It's primarily for dog people andl there is lots of excellent information and demonstrations. They now hold a Dog based Expo in the UK each year.

Becky Chapman. Based in Essex offers clicker training  and Ride With Your Mind tuition.

Karen Prior One of the pioneers of clicker training, first in marine mammals and then in dogs. If you read nothing else her book "don't shoot the dog" is a must read book.

Kay Lawrence One of the leading dog clicker training people in Britain

Training People, a "make you think" link


The following links deal with the science and history of clicker training.

Wikepedia Article on Clicker Training

Operant conditioning

B.F. Skinner, background and history

The B F Skinner Foundation

Bob Bailey

Karen Prior  "Lads before the Wind" book