Equine Clicker Training


Do you own a horse??

Do you wish that . . . . .

When you walk into the field your horse wants you to catch him and work him??


When you are leading your horse he is "with you", you can even lead without the rope!


When you want to mount he positively invites you onto his back and stands like a rock by the mounting block

When you are riding he is light as a feather, almost "think forward" and he goes and "think stop" and you stop.

Would you like to learn how to teach YOUR HORSE to be like this?? We can teach you how to teach your horse using a clicker and positive reinforcement.

With the clicker giving a "YES" to the horse in training makes the process becomes fun for both of you.

With conventional horse training, and even "Natural Horsemanship"  "Yes" is the "absence of various NO" commands".  With Clicker Training we give a "YES" signal and reward the horse for the behaviour that led to that YES. This makes life so much easier, horses love finally being able to communicate with their human.

Just think about the kids you've seen that are ignored unless they misbehave, if only their mothers would speak to them when they were behaving well instead of waiting until they misbehave.

At Oakfield Farm we can teach you how to train your horse using positive reinforcement. Hopefully this has whetted your appetite, now let is tell you a little about us and what we are up to