Head Lowering


Horse are prey animals and when they  are unsure or stressed their heads come up and they are looking round for hazards deciding whether to run.

Horses spend a lot of the day with their heads down grazing, they have to be relaxed to feel safe doing this.

Strange though it may seem we can make use of this, if we can train a horse to lower it's head on cue and have that cure securely established so that it works when the horse is stressed we can use head lowering to induce calmness and de-stress the situation. We want this behaviour to be available from in the saddle as well as on the ground so that when we are riding we can defuse a potentially dangerous situation.

This video clip shows head lowering on a trained horse from on the ground on an experienced horse and then on the ground and from the saddle on a horse under training.   There are various stages to go through teaching this behaviour.


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