Exercises Taught


We initially teach with protective contact until we know the horse has manners and enough emotional control. Each of these links takes you to a video clip of the exercise being performed.

  1. The first thing we teach is targeting, this helps introduce the horse to the clicker and the concept that "nice things happen after that funny noise". Click here for more on targeting

  2. After targeting comes manners around food and the concept that the food only arrives after the click so waiting and behaving is a good idea. This exercise is called "adults are talking, please don't interrupt". Click here for more on manners

  3. After this we teach a lot about leading, your horse probably already knows the basics of this, we aim to teach a greater finesse to it. For more on this click here

  4. Once we have leading forward on cue we teach backing, it makes positioning your horse so much easier having a clear reliable cue for backing up. Click here for more about backing

  5. Next comes Head Lowering, a tool for calming stressed horses down and defusing potentially dangerous situations. Click here to see some head lowering in action

This is just the tip of the iceberg of course, there are lots of other things we teach in a clicker compatible way.

If you want to lean more then contact us at Oakfield farm and come on one of our courses or Gatherings

Training other species is very good for improving timing and observation as everything can happen a lot quicker. Some of our other clicker work is shown here.