About Oakfield Farm


Teaching-Clicker.co.uk is run from Oakfield Farm  by Nick Foot. We have been training and selling Icelandic Horses from here for many years and are now offering training in the methods we use.

Nick has worked with Alexandra Kurland for many years and has done many courses with her. Our work at Oakfield Farm is based on her teaching. She has visited Oakfield Farm or several yearsyear as part of her teaching tour of Britain and I have also been attending her advanced course several times year.

Mary Colcanon from the Irish Clicker centre is visting us at Oakfield farm and running courses in 2018. The details are here.

Nick has also done riding and teaching courses with Mary Wanless and uses the body alignment and bio-mechaniics of her Ride With You Mind work in his teaching

Tom Giles has done a lot at Oakfield using a lot of clicker work in his training of horses, both Oakfields horses and visiting horses that may need further training. He is now working freelance teaching ridden and clicker work based in south London, if you want him to come and visit then e-mail me and I will pass the details on.

Nick works on the ridden side of horse work, gives lessons, and specialises in helping nervous riders regain their confidence

We are now offering training courses at Oakfield to help you learn the art and science of clicker training and the ground work and ridden exercises that go to make a civilised 4 legged person of your equine friend. These can be group lessons or individual lessons and can be done with your horse or one of ours. Please contact us for further details.

For more information on what clicker training is click here

That's some background, now for what we do with it. The first few things we teach with the clicker are explained here